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The Kingdom Key of


Here for such a time as this. Life can never be the same again

when you discover the beautiful deep mystery of Shalom!

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'Shalom - Peace Be With You"  has been a mysterious treasure hidden in plain sight, yet one thing is for certain, it is absolutely not a woo, woo

New Age myth to follow, nor is it a religious notion meant to be only used in the lightest of the ways reserved only for a few  because 

 it has been almost neglected throughout cultures, history, or for greeting and goodbye.

The opposite is powerfully true because Shalom is an ancient key beyond space and time to open, restore, drive out chaos, prosper, and reveal overflowing fullness to each person uniquely and it's power and presence will shock you!

Shalom is a living dimension not of this world and a word that is a key to the Kingdom, completely divine, revolutionary, and life-changing.

The pages of this book will take you on a beautiful journey to unfold the mysteries within the truth of  God's presence, you through Shalom, to where Christ himself was released after his resurrection and spoke out 'peace or Shalom' twice because he was giving his followers access to bypass the fearful mind and circumstances into the Kingdom truth opened wide and waiting with loving arms for you! 

There is something so miraculous about Shalom, that life

cannot be the same after truly opening it! No matter who you are, what your story or belief, Shalom is for everyone.

It's a perfect 'super' but natural gift waiting in all it's fullness to operate in your life for the sake of the way of truth, above these turbulent times.

Enter the Kingdom of God within, where true love and peace is restored, where it binds and destroys darkness now!

Shalom transforms your life on every level now! Changes mind, body, and soul and makes you prospered,

fruitful, blessed, and in wholeness!The world is in the labor pains of chaos, darkness, and change but for such a time as this, God gave

you a key is hidden in plain sight waiting to be found to enter within peace and prosperity that

transcends all understanding to lift you above the World heaviness

through Shalom - Peace Be With You!

Unique PrayerWave & Meditations Available Now!

Why Prayerwaves and Prayer Meditations?


Prayer Chanting and meditating is a natural form of connecting to God, though through many years,  and yes even in some Christian denominations, there has been more caution on on what is considered eastern methods of Chanting. However there is no need to fear and throw out the baby with the bathwater because there is value and truth in some methods of expression. God examines the heart and there are so many variations of praise and prayer worldwide, it is difficult to answer directly whether a Christian should chant. Like so many things not specifically defined in the Bible that come to daily life and living, the answer comes down to your faith, motive, intention and who you are worshipping.  I do not advocate New Age practices but these prayers are Word, scripture and Jesus Christ of Nazareth centred. 

The Bible in fact records many songs of worship, calls to worship, and prayers (see some in Ephesians 5:19Colossians 3:16, and many of the Psalms), but it does not tell us how to sing or express these prayers. Psalm 95:1–2 tells us to make a joyful noise in honor of God.
Music itself is neither right nor wrong though we all have preferences and some certainly do not honour God so it becomes truly based on the lyrical content, the motive of those performing, and the subject or object of their singing. We can apply the same principle with ancient Holy words in chanting and prayer to honor God and meditate on His word.

VOW has created this PrayerWaves and Meditations specifically using ancient Hebrew and Scriptures from the canon of the Bible. We caution anyone for chanting for the sakes of appearance to only look righteous before man, nor do we encourage chanting or trying to enter into a trance or altered state.

We want to deepen your love, faith and presence with the Christ and Father Gos so we use chanting The Word in songs or a prayer in honour of God, to show Him thankfulness or to worship to deepen our intimacy and love for him, to seek His direction oand help and to be present in a beautiful expression to our creator. Finally as an added not for example many hymns, such as “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee” were originally used as a chant and is still loved and used in reverence to God.

Throughout the world, is countless variations of chanting include cheers at concerts and events, basic two-note or tone repetitive singing, simple and complex melodies and harmonies, and various forms of speech, language, battle cries, protest shouts, and singing and more. 

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