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I Am Christina Tracy

We all have a past and stories we are proud of and some not, I have not gone fully into mine here but it is to be shared in videos and a book, but below is just a small introduction into me and how I became a follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I Am Christina Tracy the co-creator of VOW with God as the Creator and Chief Managing Director in all I do and live for!

I am a reformed spiritual teacher, a coach, mentor and artist who was radically saved from deceptions.Now dedicated to live in God's love and by it, and let people know the true Jesus Christ, the Son of God and not purely the new age Christ Consciousness, philosophies,

practices or false religions.  

Now I operate in authority and absolute faith in Jesus Christ & God's Kingdom based on the canon of scriptures, the Bible.

Aiming to equip the lost, unsaved and saved and set them free

one person at a time, to live life in hope and His love. 

A Little of the Story...

Christina Tracy co-creator of VOW explored years of therapy, spirituality, healing, self-help & endless practices but after the long journey of seeking God in the wrong places. She is an ex Jehovahs Witness and had some adventures and was led up some blind allies in the New Age but through an encounter with Christ,  she found pure love and truth in the one real life-giving spirit, one creator God and true light. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And became a follower of Christ Jesus (Yeshua of Nazareth ).

Further through encounter with Christ Jesus, the Messiah (Yeshua in Hebrew), revealed by revelation that He is the Alpha and the Omega.  He is the totality of everything, is written and present throughout all of creation and the only-begotten Son who incarnated in the flesh on earth to restore us back to the Father.

She strives to maintain a lifestyle which is light hearted and not dogmatic or organised religiosity because true spirit and truth is moving and alive but to live in love grace and gifts of a Christed Life. Christina seeks to act as a true child of God, an ambassador for Christ Yeshua by striving for Christ-likeness, walking it out and following the Living Word and the supernatural life as defined by the ancient Scriptures with focusing on the promise of Matthew 6:33 and believes that the Holy Spirit has led her to this purpose. It's a lifestyle and walk and not just talk.

Christina longs for people to be reconciled to Jesus Christ, to become new creations through relationship restored back to God the Father and belief in Jesus and receive also full Baptism in Water.

She uses her many gifting and passions from God and for the Kingdom by painting, writing, praying, decreeing, teaching using Creation sounds, the living and written Word of God and research into the deeper truths of the Word with the VOW Programmes.

 The work undertaken in VOW is also on many levels has also been scientifically verifiable through careful research, searching the scriptures, seeking counsel with devout followers of Christ Jesus, visionary and prophetic revelation, statistics and carefully put together by staying within our creator's truth, the written and living word for the optimum support and praise!

Christina knows that the Scriptures in the bible are absolute and true, deeper than what the surface reveals and inspired by our Sovereign Creator, the Word is alive, a living power, spirit and truth (2 Timothy 3:16) and is the absolute authority on all matters related to life and creation.

In further confession as previously mentioned, She had previously tried and tested for over 13 years of numerous 'New Age" practices and admits she was deceived by these approaches to reach God and spirituality as well as a religious cult of the Jehovahs witnesses which she left in her mid 20's.

This is what she means by trying to find relationship with God in the wrong places.

 But in a moment of experiencing first hand a moment with Jesus, she knew instantly that much of the "New Age"

was wrong and it's incorporation of everything and anything goes into universality was

missing the vital truth and pure spirit and light.

Though many wonderful gifts and truths comes through and many beautiful people are used by New Age teachings, she expresses that so much is not the true Light nor eternal life, nor the way!

The Alpha & Omega (Aleph-Tav), Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way, The Truth & The Life to the Father!"


I will love to connect with you.  I also am a professional Coach and Mentor, See more at:

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