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"Thy Kingdom Come on

     Earth as it is in Heaven....

 Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
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PrayerWaves Radio

Help support VOW as we expand into our full time Radio Station launch In January 2023. Aiming to reach the highest and lowest places in spreading the gospel, 

releasing prayer, help and worship as God has called us to do. 

Let us together reach globally with more truth filled daily living bread of God's Word, stories with peaceful interludes of encouragement, music, prayer, reflection and breaking through challenges of life.  Let faith through loves continue on the victory and the finished works of Jesus Christ. 

PrayerWaves and is Non Denominational and aims to worship in relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, by worshipping in Spirit and Truth.

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Sometimes you might not know what you need, but get in touch anyway and we will find the right path for you.

with SIMPLE 

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Free Audio Resources

Out of this World Audio tools, programmes, mentoring, prayers, books and more to help you realise the truth of who you are and the Love of the God through Holy Spirit filled, Christ centred creations.


PrayerWaves Radio

Witnessing and counsel with Christina Tracy, all about knowing God and relationship in our lives. 

Partner with Us

At VOW unity and supporting one another as Christ commanded us is the truest walk of our faith. We love God and God is love so we have big calling to touch lives in Christ and also preach the Gospel to save lives.

Maybe you want to partner with the VOW Family so we can all together keep reaching out to others during these critical times.

Praying Together

Counselling & Mentoring

We offer spiritual, mental and emotional services according to your need. Healing,

Counselling, Mentoring, Prayer. 

Sometimes you might not know what you need, but get in touch anyway and we will find the right path for you.


Kingdom Art

Here you can view some of Christina's Previous Kingdom Art.

& Prints

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Vow Shop

Beautiful and powerful tools to help in your faith. We have a selection of Journal, Prayerbooks, Study books and more..

Under Refurbishment!

Baptism into Christ

It's a joyous moment that we celebrate and support you through from beginning to the bit where you actually get fully emerged in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

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We have so much to celebrate in Christ and so much to live in hope of being Holy Spirit led!

Our aim is to grow in fellowship as a home Church with various locations for fellowship together. Different Homes and locations each week and different people leading so no one is Leading all the time but it is an inter-sharing of our lives, faith, study and loving one another.

Always we have food and fellowship. 

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Disclaimer: We are growing in God's Word, faith, wisdom and love and we are not perfect in doctrine or theologists. We realise there are many denominations of Christianity, Faith and Churches which have different interpretations and understandings. We do not judge, but through study

of the scriptures, prayer and supplication this is our contribution

and walk in faith.

We love you all and as we grow and strengthen, we change into Christ, but one thing is for sure, we believe in and have faith in and declare that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Light of the World. He came and died on the Cross for us and for the forgiveness of our sins and He rose again from death, was glorified.

He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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